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Play tonight

My daughter, Lu, is the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland tonight at 730p at the Sabes Jewish community center in St. Louis Park on Cedar Lake Road. Also tomorrow at 2p.
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Asbestos Abatement

So the basement of the duplex looks like something out of Contagion or Outbreak. They've built a plastic containment room around the boiler with negative air pressure. They will go into it with full hazmat suits. They'll remove the cement and asbestos sheathing, then take the boiler apart into 5 pieces, and carry it all out of the basement.

I want a wifi video camera so I can take time lapse movies, but the containment would obscure most of it.
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I want to delete this week

I'd like to delete this week.

Monday I found out one of the boilers in my duplex must be replaced. The 90 year old boiler finally gave up the ghost. Boilers are more complcated than forced air furnaces, and more expensive.

Tuesday I rear ended someone (therefore it was my fault) and did $1000 damage to my ancient Toyota. Radiator, headlight, turn signal, bumper, bent hood. I also got an estimate on the boiler.

Wednesday I took a day off to take L to a doctor appointment, to go to the duplex to get estimates on asbestos abatement, to sign papers for the new boiler, to deal with the car, and to have a chiropractor appointment. The boiler is sheathed in asbestos and thermal cement, so it must be removed with full hazardous materials handling. Abatement alone is $1350. The boiler is $5400. Luckily, the boiler is on a 5 year loan, and the asbestos abatement is half Monday, half next month. I also got a loaner car from a friend.

Thursday I just went to work and went to dinner with O, my dad, and brother. The Chinese restaurant we go to sometimes knows my brother and gives us free extras. Last night the friend rice was free plus 15% off the total.

I still haven't decided whether to fix or replace the car. I'm leaning toward fix.
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The Joys of Landlording

So, I need to replace one of the boilers at the duplex. The old boiler is 90 years old, so I was expecting this -- just hoping I could get another 5-10 years out of it. The gas company will give us a 60-month loan, so it should be managable. But damn! Replacing a car and a furnace the same month.
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Urge Congress to Protect Marijuana Legalization

Republicans are always touting "State's Rights!" as their motto, to push as much control down to the states as possible. Here is a good use of State's Rights to support.

Originally posted by drugpolicy_feed at Urge Congress to Protect Marijuana Legalization

Urge your legislators to support a bill that would enable the states to implement their own marijuana laws.

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General Update

Preparations for my game on Sunday have taken up much free time. It's been lots of fun to write a new set of rules, develop a scenario, design pre-generated characters, and restructure a piece of existing dungeon. I haven't done it in a long time, and never to this level of detail.

Work is still great. I love my boss -- best boss in years. The work is interesting. My coworkers are fun.

At home, we've settled in to having long-term house guests. They are very helpful around the house, doing the dishes every day, and often making dinner. G and I have lots of good time together, as well as family time with the three of us.

I've been visiting my dad every week with O and my brother. Dinner every Thursday. It's been real good. Dad needs the company and to get out. He's doing well in the Masonic Home. Stabilized in a lot of ways.

Life moves forward and I'm happy.
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LJ Spam

So, this is interesting. LJ Spam:

"Hey This is hard for me because I have never done anything like this.. but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was. I'm really attracted to you and I think you would be wanting to get with..." followed by a link that supposedly has the whole text on it.