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Walking with an Open Heart

Sojourn on the Path of Love

Welsh Bard
Dad. That's the one word that best describes who I am. I have three kids that live with their mothers, and one that lives with me. I don't differentiate between 'bio' and 'step', unless asked -- I'm 'Dad' or 'Daddy' to them all.

I'm a computer programmer by vocation, a Wiccan priest and Shaman by calling, and a lover by inclination. I drink lots of coffee and a bit of single malt whiskey or mead. I am a hedonist. I play games, especially role playing and board games. I never met a conspiracy theory I didn't like, though I think they are fun and interesting -- not necessarily true. I'm polyamorous (thank you, Morning Glory, for the word). Also, add Polyamorous Relationship Geometrician to my skills.

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